Thursday, September 8, 2016

Go! Dog Food

The Go! brand of pet foods is produced and manufactured by the Petcurean Pet Nutrition Company. Petcurean was founded in British Columbia, Canada by two friends who had the goal of providing cats and dogs with access to fresh, nutrient-rich diets. True to its origins, the Petcurean Pet Nutrition Company remains an independent company and it follows the strictest standards for quality and safety with all of its pet food products. This company offers four different product lines for dogs: Now Fresh, Go!, Spike, and Summit. The Summit line of products includes four different dry dog food recipes designed to provide maximum nutrition and natural flavor in a complete and balanced diet. The Now Fresh line of pet foods is a grain-free line of dog foods designed for puppies and adult dogs including small-breed and large-breed specific formulas. Spike is a line of gluten- and grain-free dog treats made with quality proteins.

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The third formula that Go! offers for dogs is Sensitivity + Shine. This formula is designed for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies, made with select proteins, unique carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids. Within the Sensitivity + Shine line of products there are six dry dog food options and two canned food recipes. Three of the dry food options are Limited Ingredient Diets made with unique proteins like duck, salmon, and venison. One of the remaining three dry food recipes is grain- and potato-free while the last two are standard formulas made with Duck and Salmon. The two canned food options available in the Sensitivity + Shine formula are Grain-Free Duck Paté and Grain-Free Freshwater Trout & Salmon Paté.

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